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About Us/Our Philosophy


Clubhouse For Kids Child Care Center is...

A privately owned, state licensed center that has been open since January 2002!  

Clubhouse for Kids is committed to every child and family that enters our doors to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment where we feel privileged to call you one of our families and where you feel comfortable leaving your child with us. We want your child to feel as if this is their “home away from home.” We have highly educated staff that is proud to assist your child in all ways possible.

Our main objective is to provide a safe, encouraging, warm, nurturing, and loving environment for children to grow during their early years of development.  Clubhouse For Kids offer creative programs to stimulate their sense-of curiosity, self-expression, learning and self-esteem to foster the growth of the whole child.  Learning through play is a major component of our program.  Enough materials and space will be provided for children to actively explore the world around them.  Children will have an opportunity to use a variety of art materials, manipulative and dramatic play equipment.  Our curriculum will provide exposure to a variety of cultures through music, stories, games and art, problem solving techniques for future success in school and see how we are all the same and how we are all different from one another.

Classrooms are child-centered and geared toward the children's interests and developmental growth.  Group size and ratio of teachers to children is limited to enable individualized and age appropriate programming.  The curriculum includes hands-on experiences, planned activities, a balance of quiet and free playtime, and provide daily experiences for personal growth, mirroring the real world.

Parents are the key to working effectively with children.  Parent input is essential to achieve the best educational program for your child's development.  Communication and teamwork between child, parent and staff is encouraged in order to build a partnership with each other.  Parents are kept up-to-date on center activities through notes, telephone calls, and e-mails and to inform parents of their child's progress.  Parents are always welcome visitors in the center!

Upcoming Events:
  • Wednesday, July 3- Summer Camp Open Swim

  • Thursday, July 4- Clubhouse CLOSED

  • Tuesday, July 9- Busy Bee's and Monarchs field trip

  • Thursday, July 11- Summer Camp Field Trip

  • Wednesday, July 17- Summer Camp Open Swim

  • Thursday, July 18- Summer Camp Field Trip

  • Thursday, July 25- Summer Camp Field Trip

  • Wednesday, July 31- Summer Camp Open Swim

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