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Meet our Management Team

"A child can teach an adult three be happy for no reason, to always be curious, to fight tirelessly for something."   
                                                      -Paulo Coelho
Kathy Regenauer

Meet Kathy Regenauer, the proud owner of Clubhouse For Kids Child Care Center in Middleton, WI!  Kathy graduated from Edgewood College with a BS in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology.  She also holds an Associates Degree in Business.  Prior to opening the centers Kathy was a Special Education Teacher in the Madison School District.  After many years of teaching in the school district she found her passion was working with younger children.  That's when she opened her first center in 1997 and then the Middleton location in 2002.  She has always enjoyed working with children and couldn't imagine doing anything else.  Kathy says her favorite part of owning the center is all the hugs and kisses she gets from the kids!!  After 22 years Kathy decided to sell her first location so she could strictly focus on the one center.   She said it was a very difficult decision, but she wants to be able to put her heart and soul into one center and going between the two was a lot to handle, especially at her age!  In her free time, Kathy enjoys being with her family and friends, reading books and doing crossword puzzles!  She loves to spend time with her three adult children and her granddaughter and new baby grandson!  She also enjoys her horses and dogs! 

Rebecca Ganser

Meet Rebecca Ganser, the Director of the center!  Rebecca started working at Clubhouse For Kids back in 1998 at the first location as a cleaner!  While cleaning Rebecca realized that some day she wanted to be a teacher as well!!  She watched the kids interacting with the staff and knew at that moment that is what she would do!  In 2001 Rebecca become an Assistant Teacher to the Infant and Toddler classrooms and loved it so much that she continued her schooling through Madison Area Technical College and became a Lead Teacher in 2002.  Rebecca graduated from Waukesha Area Technical College with an Administrators Credential and also attended San Francisco Academy of Art for Photography!  In October 2020 Rebecca became part owner of Clubhouse! Rebecca keeps herself busy with being a director, but also as a photographer for children and families as well as a personal health and fitness coach!  Rebecca says her favorite part about working with kids is that she gets to be such a big part of their life and has a hand in helping them learn and grow and become the wonderful little people they are!  She says there is nothing more rewarding then going to work and receiving hugs and cheer when you enter a room!  "I feel like a celebrity!"  Rebecca hopes that one day she will be able to take on the role as sole owner for Clubhouse For Kids!  In her free time, Rebecca enjoys spending time travelling, doing any activity as long as it is outside, helping all animals, and spending time with her daughter, husband and fur babies! 

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